All of our distributed safety footwear are manufactured according to the ABNT and NBR standers. ABNT. ISO.20345 and NBR. ISO.20347.

We Protect what’s
most important

Every company, no matter it’s occupation and stature, needs to ensure the well-being of their employees. This can be done through uniforms and high quality personal protective equipment.

ECOM’s objective is to assist companies with this task by offering high quality safety footwear. We offer only the best providing excellent benefit-cost ratio for our clients and a differentiated customer service.


The importance
of safety

Some workplaces present serious risks to physical harm. ECOMs distributed safety footwear help prevent these risks, offering great resistance and comfort to endure hours of labor.

Safety footwear and personal protective equipment are fundamental for workers on a daily bases, guaranteeing comfort and safety in even the harshest environments. It’s the companies responsibility to provide safety equipment for its employees and also inform and alert them about the importance of its use.