ECOM your partner in preventing work accidents

Companies History

Every company, no matter it’s occupation and stature, needs to ensure the well-being of their employees. This can be done through uniforms and high quality personal protective equipment.

ECOM’s objective is to assist companies with this task by offering high quality safety footwear. We offer only the best providing excellent benefit-cost ratio for our clients and a differentiated customer service.

Each shoe is designed for a specific function that also takes into account the level and amount of risks exposed to the workers during their daily activities. View our products.

Our Objective

Increase the safety of our customers through the distribution of personal protective equipment, with the best benefit-cost ratio.

Our Vision

To be recognized and referred to as one of the best in personal protective equipment on a national and international scale.

Company values

The satisfaction of our customers drives us to always seek the highest quality products, creating confidence and credibility on the market, following ethical and socially responsible criterias.

Our Quality

All safety shoes distributed by ECOM are made following the relevant standards. NBR. ISO.20345 (safety shoes, steel toe tip resistance of 200J and 15KN to compression) and NBR. ISO.20347 (occupational footwear with or without PVC toe tip).


  • High quality
  • The best benefit- cost ratio
  • Clients satisfaction
  • Aid in worker saftety

Be our partner

People are the most valuable asset of your business, and ECOM helps your business value them to the fulliest!